♫ mother

writing on the wall

♫ oh lord

one more try

♫ by your side

tell 'em

♫ rill rill

psychic chasms

♫ terminally chill

buy the ticket, take the ride

♫ sweet come down

give me one good reason to stay

♫ hawaii

there's a limit to your love

♫ give me my month


♫ case of you

look-ka pi pi? (wait, i can do better...)

♫ cissy strut + ...

proceed with caution

♫ don't think twice

(heh... she forgets the lyrics... but it's alright) ;)

so heavy

♫ something in the way she moves

9 types of light

♫ will do


♫ he doesn't know why

warning shot

♫ the only moment we were alone

gaffta glow

♫ french kiss power up

somebody bombed the batcave!

♫ got to give it up

(the head + the heart) * 3.14159...

♫ rivers and roads

like sunday morning

♫ easy

peep this

♫ through the fire

awake my soul

♫ sigh no more

kisses over babylon

♫ river of love

rock me, mama...

♫ wagon wheel

solitude is bliss

♫ it is not meant to be

strange nostalgia for the future

♫ saturdays

did you see the words

♫ you can count on me

anthems for a 17 yr old girl

♫ world sick

i slipped, i stumbled, i fell

♫ i try

open up you throat

♫ sports brother

the disconnect

♫ adrift

soma fm

♫ groove salad

the time has come

♫ us v them

savage night at the opera

♫ blue eyes

bridging the gap

♫ i and love and you

but so hard to forget

♫ easy to remember

dinner with judy

♫ your party

take the L train

♫ brooklyn zoo

you wanted a hit

♫ all my friends

here's a little story...

♫ paul revere

vintage rhythms

♫ beauty beats

objet trouvé

♫ open your eyes

new beat

♫ talamak

silver linings

♫ glass deers


♫ i wanna ride you

degeneration st

♫ blood

colorful character

♫ fancy

recortes de papel

♫ home


♫ music for ideas

knock em out the box, ace

♫ no regrets

solo leo

♫ where have all the rudeboys gone?